Map Legend:

Green - States Travelled with EmaGene (2002 GMC 2500 HD) and TowTow (Rubicon 2100 Toy Hauler) 2013 ...

Red - States Travelled on Rosie (1995 H-D Sportster 883) & Cherise (2001 H-D Sportster 1200) 2006 ...

Purple - States Travelled with Dollie (1989 Toyota Dolphin) 2006 = 2011

Gypsy Spirit Enterprises - Vagabond Gypsy

Mother.  Medical Technologist.  Writer.  Photographer.  Biker.  Wanderer.  Crazy.  [Did I say that?]

Life is too short to trudge along in a rut saying, "Someday I'll see what else is out there!"

I don't know what I'll find, or where.  Some days are more interesting than others!

Maybe some will explore, vicariously, through my blogs;

maybe others will find inspiration to follow their particular dream.

Travel well!  I may be that person you meet somewhere along the road.